Australian Animals - Early Years 2

Beachcombing.....................learning to fish: the first bait – armies of light-blue soldier crabs, if you could catch them...baiting the fishhook... the competition: Australian pelican, better at fishing, scoops the catch!...  in Ku-ring-gai Chase, NSW Wild koalas high up gum trees were a bonus on fishing expeditions; Sadly, koalas had gone by 1979, now in 2019-20 bushfires have had far-reaching effects here and devastation of people, homes and wildlife far beyond, particularly Kangaroo Island – location of the wild koala in Early Years 1.  

Horses – On The Beach & In The Outback.........Introduction at Manly Beach... Later, with walking limited, riding opened new doors – kangaroos, emus in the wild on a friend’s sheep station... Her brother blew an emu’s egg for me (before conservation awareness) ... colour layers through the shell and strange feathers pushed me to delve into nature’s detail, record and measure...

And so it was... transfixed by the animals, I had to find out more about animal lives. But illness and circumstances forced my parents and I to leave abruptly - for England