Revisiting Southern Seas & Shores, Behind The Scenes

As my mobility on land decreased, a mountain bike, lightweight binoculars and a wet suit opened up animal worlds on wild shores. Water became, and remains, a major passport to pain-free mobility: weightless in water one is as free of gravity as any terrestrial human will ever be, and deep in imagination, the sea is freedom… with the far horizons of a dolphin.

Boats, Bino’s And Wetsuit.....................‘Float-birdwatching’ in battered hat = attractive loose straw to nest-building terns!... Albatross scoop fish guts, Stewart Island... into the sea with whale sharks, Ningaloo... dolphin watching, Hauraki Gulf... standing on a carefully preserved ancient Aboriginal shell midden heap, Tasmania, & ancient fish traps in the sea beyond... a photo-focused boat discounts the Whale Welfare Code... waiting for dolphins, Doubtful Sound... Rastus, the dolphin dog, Tasmania.

Animals Take The Initiative Unexpectedly.................. Sudden arrival of an inquisitive kaka, Stewart Island ... eastern grey kangaroo sheltering by the verandah (sore on leg: a leech) NSW... on Bruny Island, Tasmania, a possum drops in, I mimic its actions - it approaches and inspects... a weka switches attention from a New Zealand sea lion to stealing Peter’s lunch, another arrives and they fight in optimism, while Peter guarantees neither get fed unsuitable food by eating inside the lunch bag, Ulva Island.

Seeing more into animal lives and relationships, I was drawn into a wider picture of them, the planet and us –with visible evidence of change (positive and negative). This fired me to write this book - to share joy, wonder, understanding and hope...