The Next Generation

Behind the scenes at Perth Zoo, WA, where many endangered species are successfully bred and released into the wild: meeting up with one of my past students involved in these important projects...  Dibbler (one of the world’s rarest mammals, 930 zoo bred animals released into wild 1998-2018)... Western Swamp Tortoise (30 individuals left in wild in 1980s now increased by 741, 2018)... trees take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and ‘bank’  it, thus reducing our profligate escalation - planting in a private nature reserve, West Cape Howe, WA, (which anyone can do on their home/community patch)... Wildlife Watch (UK) children raise money for major conservation projects to save rainforests... at Seahorse World, Tasmania: breeding seahorses for the Chinese traditional medicine market to safeguard fast diminishing numbers in the wild... introducing my two grandchildren to two endangered penguins in ZSL breeding programmes at Whipsnade Zoo, UK... Northern rockhopper and Jackass penguins.

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